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Build Your Own World in this week's Follow Friday using free open source software. Show your support by giving contributions, boosts and follows.

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Back on my bullshit (criticizing my employer in the LA Times, as if I don't have other things to do with my time)

"administrators have already embarrassed #USC considerably and they owe Asna and the entire campus community an apology.

Many including myself are hoping to hear a fuller explication (including details about security concerns) and a path forward from our President, Carol Folt”

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In case that wasn't clear enough, he subsequently went onto TV and told his interviewer (along with any people who still watch TV) that he thought the protesters ought to be treated like political agitators for justice tend to get treated in the state of Arkansas.

In case you're not familiar with the history of the recent struggle for civil rights, political agitators for justice in the state of Arkansas tend to be brutalized and/or murdered.

So that's what Tom Cotton was suggesting.

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“The problems we face in this country seem so overwhelming,” says Eddie S. Glaude Jr. “But the problem right in front of your nose is what you can deal with.” In his new book, he argues the greatness we see in our leaders is in us all, and we must use it. #Velshi